Message from the CEO


Jonathan Russell Smiedt

Chief Executive Officer

At the start of a new year we always look forward to delivering a professional service to our valued clients and customers as we reflect on the successes of 2017. 

Claremart consistently aided buyers and sellers through difficult and sometimes uncertain political and economic times over the past year, but to some this was perceived as a risk but to many of our buyers it presented great opportunities. 

With one of the largest cash-buyer networks at our disposal we continue to play a major role in the legal and corporate environment where we achieve high sales rates and prices year in year out for sellers across the country.

In addition, our presence in the private sale arena continues to increase rapidly with more sellers realising the benefits of an auction over the traditional estate agent route, especially when it comes to the power of cash over finance.  

We expect 2018 to be no different and will continue to sell to buyers at prices set by them, acceptable to the seller and on a cash basis. 

Selling on auction is not selling for less and the buyers and sellers who have already participated successfully, continue to use the auction method as their preferred method of trade, be it in the movable asset, vehicle market or fixed property environment.

Welcome Back to a New Year and trust that we can assist the South African public to once again realise opportunities that exist in participating on our auction floor.

Jonathan Russell Smiedt
Chief Executive Officer