Message from the CEO


Jonathan Russell Smiedt

Chief Executive Officer

We have come to the end of the first quarter of 2017 and while it has been a challenging three months, we have also seen many positives.

As captains of industries across the board, we recognise the importance of ensuring, and maintaining investor confidence in South Africa, particularly foreign investment. A steady political and economic climate, are both necessary forerunners of consistent growth in the property sector.

In the spirit of meeting challenges head on, we have facilitated incredibly tough transactions over the last month. The sale of the Stellenbosch Mountain Retreat, an exclusive development site on the slopes of Helshoogte in Stellenbosch, which failed to draw any serious private offers for eight years, was successfully sold by our Group for R 16 156 000.

Following the recent success we had in taking the City of Cape Town’s development land to auction in February, our Group has subsequently been re-instructed to take another selection of prime properties to auction in April, with a total value of over R30 million. This reiterates and supports our view that the auction method has repeatedly shown that it remains the vehicle that yields results for our clients.

ClareMart’s partnership with ABSA continues to flourish and we are proud to be bringing you another value-packed ABSA repossessed vehicles auction on 20 April.

Our agents have been tearing into residential and commercial markets across the country, as more and more businesses, governments and individuals are recognising the benefits of selling their assets via auction. We have another fine selection of commercial and residential properties to be auctioned in April, both at our multiple auction, and on-site.

Exciting times lie ahead for the ClareMart Auction Group, as we take our company to new heights in the pursuit of real estate service excellence and the expansion of our footprint, particularly in the public sector.

We look forward to continue to provide to our clients and colleagues, a top of the line service throughout South Africa.

See you on the auction floor.

Jonathan Russell Smiedt
Chief Executive Officer