ClareMart – record sales for tenanted blocks of flats

ClareMart continues to unlock incredible property investments, despite challenging market conditions.


On the one hand, we have seen some uncertainty in the market, with investors hedging their bets, while on the other hand, we have seen bold moves in the market, with sellers indicating a need to become more liquid and buyers jumping at the opportunity to acquire excellent investment properties.


An integral part of ClareMart’s success is the marketing support infrastructure that has been developed to capacitate our sales staff with the best tools to close their deals.

We have seen a spike in commercial sales over the last few months, with rare investment properties changing hands with top prices being achieved, particularly with fully tenanted blocks of flats.


One of ClareMart’s most seasoned auction consultants, Sanjeev Boyjoonauth, has had a number of record sales in this regard. In Parow, Erica Court in Voortrekker Road sold for R17 840 000, while Adriaan Court sold for R6 345 000. Kempleigh Court in Bellville’s CBD sold for R5 373 750, with Dingle Court in Goodwood fetching R 7 764625and Ardette Court, also in Goodwood, selling for R3 698 740. In Brooklyn, another popular block, Betanie Court, sold for R7 575 990.


ClareMart is able to offer holistic property solutions that enable us to connect willing buyers to willing sellers. Several other deals are in the pipeline and it is no surprise that more and more people are turning to ClareMart to address their property needs.


Whether you’re starting out in the property market, or have a range of properties you wish to sell, let us facilitate your next property transaction. For more information, or to list your property, contact Sanjeev Boyjoonauth on or 071 223 9552.